Cost: $1.85 per bag with 51 bags per case - that includes free shipping

Suggest resale - $3 to $5 per bag

Profit 38% to 63% - that's $58.65 to $160.65 per case profit

Sell 10 cases and you can make between $586.50 to $1,606.50

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Product Information - 5oz bags - enough food for 2 - 4 plants

Three Kinds of Fertilizer - something for every gardener:

All Purpose - great all around fertilizer - does the job for any plant - indoor or outdoor

Veggie/Tomato/Herb - built to feed them what they need to grow big and yummy!

Flower/Rose - gets them strong and healthy - great for all pollinators friendly plants!

Each bag is enough food for 2 to 4 plants

Made with upcycled coffee chaff and other organic ingredients

Coffee chaff is a nitrogen rich husk the blows off the green bean during coffee roasting

Clean Label – Coffee Chaff, Soybean Meal, Bone & Meat Meal and Sulfate of Potash

The Friendly Fertilizer - smells great and no chemicals, animal manure, sewer sludge, fish guts or other nasty stinky stuff

Outdoor/Indoor - out performers the leading competition by 34%

Safe for kids and pets