JavaCycle All Purpose Fertilizer

444, 4lb Bag  

There are many reasons to love this product but the real x-factor in our All-Purpose Fertilizer is the coffee chaff (a thin skin that comes off the green coffee bean during the roasting process).

Chaff is a good sources of nitrogen which will keep your plants happy and doesn't come with the stink factor that most nitrogen inputs in other fertilizers have (like animal poo). Chaff is normally a waste item for roasters, so by using it in the All-Purpose Fertilizer we are keeping it out of the landfill or incinerator.

The All-Purpose Fertilizer absorbs and hold moisture and then slowly release it to plants. This means your plants get all the goodness at a rate they can actually absorb and use. 

Our 4-4-4 formula was developed using guidelines provided by the University of Minnesota's research on nutrient requirements for fruits and vegetables.  

We sent samples to some expert gardeners and farmers to test it out. Check out what they had to say about it on our Testimonials page.

  • No stinky smell
  • Good for indoor and outdoor growing
  • Sustainable & organic
  • Safe for people & pets
  • Crumble texture holds more water than the competition